3-year-old Left Behind In Corn Maze At Night. Mom Reports Him Missing — 12 Hours Later.


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WEST JORDAN, Utah – Monday night, a 3 -year-old boy was found alone, and crying, in a corn maze.  According to KSLTV, someone noticed the boy and told the staff of the Crazy Corn Maze.

According to West Jordan Police Sgt. Joe Monson, the staff quickly went into action: “They had staff out with bullhorns announcing they had a found child, they waited at the gate,” Monson told the station, “but no one showed up for the child.”

As a matter of fact, no one even reported the child missing that is, until 12 hours later when his mother finally decided it might be a good time.

Kendall Schmidt, one of the Crazy Corn Maze owners, told KSL the staff did everything they could — including going car to car.

Obviously scared, the child could not tell them much apart from his age, the name of his brother, and his cat.  An officer took the boy into her car and played the movie “Finding Dory” for him while the search for his parents continued.

Finally at closing time when the parents had not been located, the child was taken into the custody of Children and Family Services.

It wasn’t until 7:45 am on Tuesday morning that a woman called the police station saying that she couldn’t find her little boy and feared that he may have been left at the corn maze.

At this time, there is no word as to whether or not the boy has been returned to his family. Investigators will be working closely with the family to see if this was an oversight, or if charges are warranted.

I am guessing that by now, anyone is asking how can one simply leave and not realize that their child is missing? Not that this is any excuse, but after investigators paid a visit to the child’s house, they found several families living all together with several children between them.

I would say that Schmidt had it right when he stated to KSL that:

“Kids have little legs of their own and little minds of their own, and it’s not hard to get separated. You have to constantly be watching and re-counting and making sure you have everyone.”

In my opinion, if you are going to take a large group of children to a corn maze, or anywhere for that matter, that you have enough responsible adults with you so that they are closely supervised at all times.

I mean seriously, what ever happened to head counts when getting into the car?

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