Bombshell: Democrats’ “Dirty Little Secret” Exposed


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Once again, the deviousness of the Democratic Party knows no limits.

This time, it is a scheme exposed by Kansas gubernatorial candidate Kris Kobach last week , and it should make every American furious, well except for those few Democrats benefiting from it of course.

Turns out the Democrats’ determination to keep illegals in this country isn’t only about fostering possible future voters (assuming that is that  those illegals will ever become citizens).

Those folks are beneficial to Democrats even as illegals.

Congressional districts are determined based on number of local voters. But, when a census is performed in places like California, they apparently don’t ask respondents if they’re US citizens.

Kobach explains:

“Think of it this way. There are 710,000 people per representative in Congress. But if you live in a district like Maxine Waters’ district out in California, probably half or more of your district is illegal aliens. And so you may only have 350,000 citizens voting in your district. Those citizens’ votes count twice as much as my vote or your vote if you live in a district that doesn’t have tons of illegal aliens.

“So you have vote dilution where some peoples’ vote matters more than others because they have tons of illegal aliens in their district.”

Source: Bombshell: Democrats’ “Dirty Little Secret” Exposed

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