Breaking: After 25 Years of Failed Talks With NK, It Happens…


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For awhile now, the tension between North Korea and the United States has reached levels that we have not seen since the Korean War.

According to the  U.K. Daily Mail, knowing that a military conflict between the United States and Korea would affect many countries around the world, the United Kingdom is drawing up plans on how they would respond to such a conflict.

Although nothing been officially confirmed, the plans could possibly involve the deployment of the HMS Queen Elizabeth to North Korea to assist US warships — even though the aircraft carrier isn’t set to enter the service until 2020.

One British official told the Daily Mail:

“We have plenty of ships to send … the Type-45 destroyers, the Type-23 frigates. Britain’s new aircraft carrier could be pressed into service early if things turn south,” one British official told the Daily Mail.

Being that Britain is a NATO ally, if North Korea attacked the United States mainland, the U.K. would be compelled to send military support to the United States because of Article 5 in the NATO charter (“an armed attack against one or more of them in Europe or North America shall be considered an attack against them all “).

An anonymous naval source stated: “In this case, the UK would be part of a united global coalition. We would see what support we could give.”

It seems that after 25 years of failed diplomacy, England is starting to realize that military measures may need to be taken against North Korea and they are starting to make preparations.

Even so, if the United States took preemptive military action against North Korea, it remains unclear if Britain would join or not. Being that they have their own issues to deal with, they might not want to get involved in another overseas war if it is avoidable.

Could the nations of the world finally be waking up?

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