Check It Out: Man Paints Amazing Picture While Singing The National Anthem


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If you haven’t seen this man before, you have got to watch him now.

Meet Joe Everson, artist, vocalist, musician, and photographer. His videos of him singing the National Anthem while painting a live-action artwork have gone viral, totaling well over 100 million views.

Everson has traveled the nation and become a favorite of both professional sports teams and Fortune 500 companies alike.

This man shows what true patriotism is, and just how one should act during our National Anthem.

Watch below as he performs at an Arkansas basketball game:

After watching this, who wouldn’t beam with pride? This man not only sings beautifully and paints amazingly, but he also manages to boost the morale of everyone around him, bringing out the patriotism of all those attending the game.

Everson stated:

“Art is constantly moving and changing how I see the world. My early struggles taught me to be who I was supposed to be. Even if I was meant to be a janitor, I’d find a way to love what I was doing, and be the best janitor that I could be. Fortunately, I became an artist, and it’s pretty hard to beat that.”

Now who could argue with that?


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Would you love to see this man at your next sporting venue?

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