Demonic Perversion Happening at Michelle Obama’s Public Library


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Teaching our children about diversity and respecting others is one thing, but this is going way too far.

Honestly, my children would have run screaming if they saw this at their local library story time.

In Long Beach California, the Michelle Obama Neighborhood Library allowed Performer Xochi Mochi  to read to children as part of the Drag Queen Story Hour  on Oct. 14, according to KCBS. This is what they received:

Honestly it shows more demonic perversion then it does diversity.  And where are they teaching anything about respect, when they are blatantly disrespecting, oh lets say, Christianity?

Ironically, a photograph of the event that was posted to Twitter and Facebook by the library was later removed, but low and behold, not before it caught the attention of the Church of Satan.

photograph of the event posted to Twitter and Facebook by the Long Beach Public Library was later removed, but not before it caught the attention of the Church of Satan.

It is bad when The Church Of Satan, an obvious devil-worshiping organization, agrees that our children were being taught by a satanic unicorn looking thing.

Honestly, as a parent and a grand parent, I would have turned around and walked right out of there if I had seen this, shielding the eyes of my youngsters on the way.

What would you have done if you saw this?

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