Here’s How Much Worse the LV Shooting Would Have Been If Bump Stocks Were Banned


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Immediately after the murderous shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Festival country music festival in Las Vegas, many gun-grabbers claimed  to be firearm experts while they started renewing their calls for stricter gun control measures in America.

A bipartisan bill to restrict bump stocks has been introduced in the House by Massachusetts Democrat Rep. Seth Moulton and Florida Republican Rep. Carlos Curbelo.

Of course lawmakers are trying to ram the bill through. But Americans need to fully understand what a bump stock is and why it may have played a much different role in the shooting then what  others are claiming.

A bump stock is a device that can be added to the stock of a weapon to accelerate the rate at which it fires bullets, and it is legal in the U.S. When Last Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock open fired from the 32nd floor of his hotel window at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino, he had a bump stock of several of his weapons.

While some people think that having these bump stocks made the situation worse, reporter Benjamin Baird with the American Thinker ( who also served three deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan) says just the opposite.

Baird stated:

“Contrary to popular media opinion, Paddock’s cyclic rate of fire may have saved lives that horrible Sunday evening. The disturbing reality is that if the shooter decided to eschew the bump stock in favor of firing at a sustained and controlled pace, the death toll would have risen dramatically.”

“Automatic or burst fire is inherently less accurate than semiautomatic fire. Trainers must consider the impact of recoil and the high cyclic rate of fire on the Soldier’s ability to properly apply the fundamentals of marksmanship and other combat firing skills,” the U.S Army Field Manual, RIFLE MARKSMANSHIP M16-/M4-SERIES WEAPONS states (Chapter 7, Section 32).

In other words, while a bump stock may accelerate the rate in which a semi-automatic weapon can  fire bullets, it also makes the weapon more erratic and less efficient in terms of hitting targets.

Baird went on to explain that because an assault rifle is typically lightweight and short in length, the muzzle will uncontrollably raise itself into the air when fired as an automatic.

Proving Baird’s point, a video on YouTube shows how inaccurate an assault rifle can be when it has a bump stock, which is also sometimes referred to as a slide fire stock.

Before firing, the man explained that he would be shooting at a target from 15 yards away and had 20 bullets loaded into the magazine. In the video, he says only 8 bullets of of 20 hit the target, but later wrote in the description that he counted two more hits, thus meaning only half the bullets hit the target.

You would think that anyone with even a minor experience with firearms should have a far better accuracy than 50 percent with a rifle at that distance.

Watch the video below, noting that the test fire begins around the 3 minute mark:

Can you begin to imagine what that inaccuracy would do to a shooter with targets 400 yards away?

It is more than obvious that this video, combined with Baird’s statement combined with the U.S. Army Field Manual, that Reuters was nuts when they stated that bump stocks played a “major factor” in the high casualty rate.  For that matter, so was a CNN contributor that claimed that a bump stock allows someone to “convert a killing machine, an AR-15 rifle, into a weapon of mass destruction.”

Baird also stated that due to the fact that bump stocks play a significant role in the muzzle of the rifle   climbing uncontrollably while being fired like an automatic, it’s likely that many of Paddock’s bullets, which came from his 32nd floor hotel room that was roughly 400 meters from the helpless concertgoers, likely flew above his targets.

If this new bill passes that Moulton and Curbelo have introduced, it would mean that anyone who bought a bump-fire stock years ago could face five years in prison.

It is not yet clear whether or not this bill will pass, and let us pray that it doesn’t, but it is rather clear how much inaccurate information gun grabbers are willing to spread around in order to pass stricter gun control laws.


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