Insiders Spill The Beans- Kneelers Terrified Of NFL’s Next Move


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It is about time…

Apparently according to one website, The Root,  after several NFL owners and coaches have now started requiring their players to stand for the national anthem, players are now starting to  refuse to kneel for fear of losing their jobs and paychecks.

The report claims that their site was “contacted by eight players and coaches, all of whom spoke on condition of anonymity. Of those NFL employees, three players and one position coach said that owners, team management or members of the coaching staffs have instructed them not to kneel or have any demonstration during the national anthem.”

Another source said that position coaches were stepping up the pressure by “feeling out” bench-warming players who might be tempted to protest, thus informing them that an  anthem demonstration might an unwise decision.

“Out of all the players you see taking a knee, there are probably three times as many who want to do it but are scared. If you ain’t a one or two at your position (meaning a first- or second-string player), you ain’t doing it. People have to feed they family,” the source, a member of an NFL coaching staff, reportedly said.

The story was released after two NFL teams, being the Dallas Cowboys and the Miami Dolphins, prohibited any further protests during the National Anthem during this past weekend’s games. Furthermore, as reported by Sports Illustrated, the NFL is also considering a league-wide rule that will require players to stand during the National Anthem.

So to those players that wish to disrespect not only our National Anthem, but our country, our flag, and all those that have died fighting for our freedom….

It looks like it is time to get off your knees or your rear ends sitting on that bench or face losing your NFL careers. But honestly, it seems more like a last ditch effort to get fans support back before their biggest money maker of all time comes around, being Super Bowl Sunday.

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Do you think it is too late for changes to be made?

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