It Seems Jimmy Kimmel Has Quite The Racist Past – Just Wait Until You See This Video


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We all know that Jimmy Kimmel has made quite the stir recently.

And we all know what happens when you stir the pot. Your past comes to light and people find all kinds of incriminating crap.

It all started a few days ago with Kimmel’s crude “grab my crotch” video. Just in case you haven’t seen it, take a look below. Beware, there is a ton of nasty language in this:

Now someone has managed to drag out of the past one video that has Black Lives Matter completely silent.

Let us reminisce back to his days with “The Man Show” on Comedy Central (1999-2003).  One could call this video racist to say the least.  The clip features Kimmel in blackface as NBA Hall-of-Famer Karl Malone:

Granted Malone was known to be outspoken on a number of things, but this just cuts below the belt.

Quote: “Karl Malone read on TV about white people gettin’ deducted by alien,” Kimmel-as-Malone says. “Stickin’ all kinda hell up they butt. And that’s a damn thing.”

This video was just under one minute long. In that short of a time, Kimmel packed in a record number of racial innuendo’s: portraying black athletes as idiots, the more than appalling pidgin English supposedly resembling Ebonics, stereotyping that African Americans are extremely afraid of ghosts and otherworldly apparitions, not to mention the blackface. Just one of these things should have gotten him kicked off  TV.

And to think, none of his past behavior has been brought up before even though this impersonation has been repeated by him several times.

Well Kimmel, here comes your past to haunt you now.

It wasn’t long ago that certain words alone would get you banned from TV. Now it seems that even sexual harassment is acceptable and all you need to give is a 10-word apology. Perfect example: Ben Affleck sSee video below):


Now that Kimmel is safely ensconced as a hero of American liberals, we doubt he’ll ever have to apologize for this skit. After all, look at Ben Affleck. He sexually harassed someone on national TV and just got away with a 10-word apology.

And his apology to follow:

What do you think of these videos? Do you agree that too much is being allowed on national television?

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