Man Brings Gun Into Walmart…Hears One Thing Behind Him That He Will Never Forget


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Since the shooting in Las Vegas, once again hysteria has erupted over guns. All the old innuendos have come back to light: The Second Amendment needs to be abolished,  the NRA is the ultimate evil, more gun free zones are what we need, so on and so forth.

It seems to be all that we hear. How often do we hear the media mention that guns are most often used in self-defense, or that  sometimes simply carrying a gun (never being used) is all that is needed to deter a crime?

After hearing so much bad being said about guns though, it is heart-warming to hear something good.  And that is just what one man, Nathan Rohler, heard as he was standing in the Walmart checkout lane.

On Sept. 23, Rohler described what happened when he went into the Lafayette, Louisiana, store while openly carrying a firearm.

“I was in the checkout line today at Walmart when a mother and her two kids got in line behind me. I was carrying my firearm and I overheard one of the kids say ‘mommy he has a gun,’” Rohler wrote..

“The mom told her kid that ‘people are allowed to have guns.’ As curious as the little boy was he asked his mom why I was carrying a gun. The mom told her son that if a bad guy walked into the store I’d protect them and make sure that they are safe.

“This is one of the reasons why I carry and will continue to carry. Not just for my safety, but for the safety of others as well. Hearing the mom say that made me smile. Knowing I could protect her and her kids made me feel good. There’s no other feeling like that in the world. Guns get a lot of bad reputation in this country, but when carried by the right people, they can potentially save lives.”

I was in the checkout line today at Walmart when a mother and her two kids got in line behind me. I was carrying my…

Posted by Nathan Rohler on Friday, September 22, 2017

One can see why this post has been liked so much: It sends a much needed positive message about carrying firearms that the media does not want to admit.

Carrying guns.. The Second Amendment.. saves lives. It gives us the right to protect ourselves from those that want to bring us harm. Why shouldn’t we have that right? Statistics have proven time and time again that those who are against the right to carry are simply wrong. It is important to get this message across to others, just as this mother did with her son.

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