Mark Levin destroys Oprah Speech. And Shows a‘Grotesque’ Hidden MESSAGE In Golden Globe Speech!


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After Oprah‘s ‘Amazing’ speech liberals went completely crazy as if they saw their Presidenial hopeful. So Amazing, they say,I didnt see anything amazing Just a Bunch of like minned people Patting each other on the back.

Same thing day after day.


However, Conservative talk show Mark Levin successfully highlighted something ‘grotesque’ about Oprah’s speech that all liberals ignored and paid no mind to.

Levin pointed out that Oprah is crazy out of her mind by comparing the 21st century America to the era of Jim Crow. It’s just nonsense. He said, “This is grotesque,” – Then he asked, “What happened was horrific, please don’t misunderstand what I’m saying. Jim Crow was horrific. Slavery was horrific. How do you tie this today to men?”

After this, he destryed Hollywood for blaming all men for their sexual mistreatment plague.They should instead point out their fellow predators and solve this.

“Why don’t they name the list? Why wasn’t it on the screen last night — a rolling screen of the men in Hollywood who’ve molested or harassed women in Hollywood?” – Levin asked.

“How come they didn’t have the guts to do that? It’s not all men. It has nothing to do with the Civil Rights era. It has to do with modern-day Hollywood, where there ought to be a crime tape around that town.”

“I don’t know who wrote this for Oprah Winfrey; I don’t know if she wrote it herself, but it’s a really clever attempt at a distraction — of not taking responsibility, that Hollywood community, for the conduct of its actors, and in some cases its actresses. This has nothing to do with Jim Crow, nothing to do with NAACP,” said Levin.

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Source: Mark Levin Exposes Oprah ‘Grotesque’ Hidden MESSAGE In Golden Globe Speech!

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