Police Reveal New Horrifying Discovery in Las Vegas Hallway


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A horrifying discovery in the Las Vegas massacre has recently come to light, raising yet more questions.

According to The Associated Press, On Monday, law enforcement officials made a pretty sizable change to the timeline of the shooting. They are now saying that the gunman shot 200 rounds in the hallway of the Mandalay Bay hotel, injuring a hotel security guard before he opened fired on concertgoers.

Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo stated that six minutes before Stephen Paddock started shooting at concertgoers attending the Route 91 Harvest Festival on October 1, Paddock shot and wounded Mandalay Bay security guard Jesus Campos.

This comes as majorly shocking news to Lombardo’s previous statement, when he said that the security guard was shot after Paddock had fired into the crowd, and that Campos may have interrupted Paddock’s shooting spree.

What makes this new information pretty horrifying, is that an investigator told The Los Angeles Times that Campos had actually warned them about a gunman being on the floor, yet police did not arrive until after the shooting had stopped.

It was speculated by Clark County Assistant Sheriff Tom Roberts that Campos may have used a hallway phone to contact hotel security. “He manually called down and he used his radio to call,” Roberts stated, also admitting that he did not exactly know when the call was placed.

“We just don’t know how long it took him to call. He’s getting shot at, he’s running, he’s getting shot, he finds some cover, that’s when he starts calling in.”

Campos survived the ordeal with a gunshot wound to the leg.

Honestly, the whole thing makes no sense. One would think that there would have been tons of calls made after he open fired into the hallway and shot Campos. Weren’t there other people staying in the hotel that would have heard the shots? Why now, two weeks later, are new facts like this just now being made to the public?

Does it make you wonder if anything else is being hidden? Do you still wonder what a possible motive might have been?

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