Protesting Group Learns A Powerful Lesson- Why We Don’t Try To Stop An 18 Wheeler


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Vegan or not, this move was just plain stupid!

Believe me, I completely understand about eating healthy. I also understand if you do not want to eat animals. But this is just going way to far.

A group of protesters standing outside what appears to be a slaughter house, decided it would be a grand idea to stop an 18 wheeler hauling pigs, to keep it from entering the facility.

See what happens below.. warning some foul language is used:

I mean seriously, why would someone do that? Then on top of it they had the nerve to get mad at the truck driver? Here they are trying to “save the pigs”, and yet they never once gave thought to the fact that that truck was turning a corner. Slamming on the brakes could have easily caused it to jack knife and tip over. Where would their precious pigs be then? Dead I am sure. Not to mention the fact that they almost got killed themselves. Now who has no respect for life?

That is the issue today. There are too many out there that don’t think. But then again, I tend to wonder how many of them are thinking at full capacity, and that scares me even more.

Do you agree this was a stupid move?

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