Watch: Illegal Hops Fence, Self-Deports When He Sees Border Patrol


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Ha! Now this is too funny.

Now this is a must see video. Here we have two illegal aliens, one sitting atop the border wall, waiting and watching. The second, the border jumper, who starts to make a mad dash for it in one direction, only to turn around and run even faster right back to that wall, where his friend was still there ready and waiting to help him back over.

One can’t help but laugh at this.

“Aw man, the boy jumped over the border, man!” the narrator says, laughing. “Look at him!” (WARNING: Some strong language.)

Illegal Alien Self-Deports When Border Patrol Arrives

Posted by Vets Before Illegals on Thursday, September 28, 2017

Unfortunately there is not much information as to where this video was recorded, but none the less it is hysterical as all get out. This is like some good ol’ fashioned Benny Hill and Carrol Burnett right here!

One big huge thank you to the group Vets Before Illegals for posting this. You absolutely made my day.

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