Watch: Instructor Just Silenced Gun Grabbers With This Epic Video After LV Shooting


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As expected, immediately after the tragic shooting at the country music festival in Las Vegas, gun grabbers renewed their calls, demanding stricter gun controls measures in America.

Despite their narrative that infringing upon our Second Amendment rights as Americans will somehow prevent mass shootings, firearms instructor Mike Broke, otherwise known as “Instructor Mike,” uploaded a video to Facebook , in which he made a crucial point: it’s the individuals, not the guns, who commit mass shootings.

The video begins with Brown seated at a table with several loaded firearms in front of him, two of them being semi-automatic.

“Here you have all three loaded firearms … here we go,” stated Brown.

Watch below as “Instructor Mike” dismantles the flawed control logic:

Guess what happened… nothing.  Yes, it is just that plain and simple. No amount of prompting could get those guns to fire off by themselves.

Independent Journal Review noted that Brown said he was a former adjunct criminal justice professor at a college in Chicago, Illinois.

Brown stated:

“Maybe, guns in and of themselves don’t kill people. Even if you fully load them up, they just don’t start just killing people. Maybe it’s the dumb*** people that we need to worry about who have the firearms in their possession. Stop attacking tools,Start focusing on people.”


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Do you agree that Instructor Mike completely destroyed the gun grabbers point that taking away our guns, thus infringing upon American’s Second Amendment rights, will prevent more mass shootings?

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