Watch: Masked Man Attempts To Rob Store – Owner Open Fires


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This is why we have the Second Amendment people.  If this store owner wasn’t on top of his game, both in awareness and in protection, he may have wound up dead today.

DURHAM, NC–  On September 28 2017, a would-be robber got a lot more than he bargained for when he came into a tobacco store in North Carolina brandishing a shotgun.

Thanks to the store’s CCTV system, the store owner saw him coming and was already armed and ready to fight back the moment the robber stepped foot through the front door.

The suspect fired shots at the clerk right after entering the business but the owner managed to fire back quickly and aimed directly at the crook who lost his footing, cowering on the floor.

Durham police are now trying to identify the man who attempted to rob the Tobacco 4 Less location in the Brightleaf area of the city.

Three separate cameras captured the man  as he walked up to the shop and ran in through the door wearing a masked and armed with a gun.

Police stated that the clerk was hit in the arm during the shooting, but that the suspect left without taking anything. Obviously he figured out he didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell and made his getaway as quickly as he could.

This is why we have the Second Amendment. To protect ourselves from instances like this.

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