Watch: PETA Style Activist Steps in to Break Up Fight…Gets Launched Into Air


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Some days you get the bull, some days the bull gets you.

An apparently well-meaning, but obviously inebriated man found that out the hard way in a video making the rounds on social media.

And he might have some trouble sitting down for a while for his pains.

The video, originally posted to YouTube on Aug. 30, doesn’t give a location or date for the incident, but it’s likely in India. Cows and bulls are revered by the dominant Hindu population and allowed to roam the streets largely unhindered.

And when they are hindered, they don’t seem to like it much, as this guy learned to his sorrow.

Now, the animal-loving crowd at groups like the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals get incensed when they hear the words “bull fighting,” but in this case, it really was a bull fight, not the ritualized slaughter of an animal in Spain and its former colonies that the two words usually connote.

And if two large, aggressive male animals are settling their bovine differences in the way God intended them to, the best bet for a human being who happens to be passing by is probably to just let nature take its course.

But just like the PETA busybodies in the West, who make a habit of pushing their beliefs on the rest of their countrymen who might enjoy the comforts of modern life at animals’ expense – a good steak, fried chicken, anti-biotics that have saved millions of lives – this guy couldn’t leave well enough alone.

He had to butt in, until a bull made him butt out – quite literally, and quite forcefully.

When it comes to dealing with animal activists, this animal, anyway, made it look very, very easy.

Getting between two bulls is never a good idea.

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Source: Watch: PETA Style Activist Steps in to Break Up Fight… Gets Launched Into Air

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