Watch: Punk Who Refused to Put Out Cigarette at Gas Pump Gets Brutal Surprise


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Talk about karma biting you in the rear…

I am sure that everyone has seen someone standing at the gas pumps smoking at one time or another. One does not need to list the numerous reasons as to why this is dangerous.

One gas station attendant in Sofia, Bulgaria drove his point home after one man pulled up to the pump and stood outside the car smoking.

Check out the following video below. It starts off with the gas station attendant arguing with the man off camera. Around the 40 second mark is when the real action occurs.

(Video Credit: Radosvet Nikolov  – Youtube)

Even though I have said something to people  about how it is not safe to do such, nine times out of ten I have just gotten far enough away from the pump while someone is smoking so that I don’t get blown up in the process. What this guy just did took some guts, not to mention  just watching as the punk , and the car, are covered in foam from the fire extinguisher is pretty comical.

While I am sure that this man and the passengers in the car were not to happy, one has to admit that this was a much better outcome then blowing up the gas pumps. Not to mention the fact that he was not just putting his and his friends lives in danger, but everyone else around him, including the man on the other side of the pump.

Remember, ignorance can be fixed, but stupid, stupid is forever.

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