Watch: Students Love Bernie’s Tax Plan Until They Realize…It’s Not His


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Students on the campus of George Washington University were in for surprise this week when they expressed support for a tax plan they thought came from socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders, but in reality belonged to President Donald Trump.

In a round of recorded interviews on the campus, Media Director Cabot Phillips first asked students what they thought about the president’s tax plan, identifying it as coming from Trump. Naturally, they told him it was not ideal for most Americans because it benefited the upper class and was “horrible” for the middle and lower classes.

Phillips then asked students about an “alternative” — supposedly authored by Sanders — that included items such as increasing child care credits, eliminating the so-called “death tax” and lowering tax rates on smaller businesses. The students thought these ideas were positive for Americans.

What Phillips didn’t tell the students at first, however, was that the proposals were actually part of Trump’s tax plan.

Imagine their surprise when they found out that they had just expressed support for the president — and their reactions were recorded on camera.

The pictures are worth 1,000 words.

Take a look:

That’s what you call busted.

While some of these students admitted there was a definite bias against Trump, and how they initially responded to the questions showed just how bad that bias can be. They were quick to follow the crowd and judge Trump’s tax plan without even knowing anything about it other than a name that was attached.

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