Watch: These Turkey’s Don’t Plan On Being Anyone’s Thanksgiving Meal


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These turkey’s seem to be the latest protestors using gang violence to get their point across.


In Bridgewater, Massachusetts, a resident by the name of Bob Smith was attacked by several turkeys at once, and caught the bizarre attack on video.

“They actually came from over a hill behind me,” Bob Smith told WCVB5. “One pecked me in the calf.”

Massachusetts resident attacked by pack of wild turkeys

WATCH: Massachusetts resident accosted by pack of wild turkeys; police warn aggressive turkeys are "a problem in town."

Posted by Good Morning America on Thursday, October 19, 2017

As you can see in the video above, the experience is pretty unnerving, considering that these animals are generally thought of as food, not foes.

Smith isn’t the only person to have an issue with turkeys in this town, either.

On Oct. 15, police tweeted out a video showing one of their cruisers being attacked by a squadron of turkeys.

Seriously, it has become enough  of an issue that MassWildlife has seen fit to warn people of what might constitute grounds for a turkey attack.

MassWildlife states on its website:

“Turkeys may attempt to dominate or attack people that they view as subordinates… Once bold behavior is established, it can be very difficult to change.”

On top of that, as the police department’s tweet claims, these turkeys can’t be removed thanks to state laws — another feather in the cap of governmental interference.

But then again, if you had the high probability of becoming someones Thanksgiving dinner, you might feel the need to protest too.

Let’s just hope that it isn’t as contagious as the kneelers of the NFL.

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