Watch: Tourist Tries To Jump Off Cruise Ship To Pick Up Phone In Sea


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Either this woman had something really important in that phone, or her phone addiction has gone a little too far.

This is one bizarre video for sure.  In China, a tourist tried to jump off a cruise ship to retrieve her phone that somehow dropped into the sea.
According to the local news, the woman did have important documents contained within the phone. My question is, just how important is a document that it is worth risking your life over?
The footage was captured in Dahli City in the Southwestern Yunnan Province on October 14. You can see what appears to be other passengers and a few crew members restraining the woman, trying to prevent her from jumping.
Take a look below:

If you ask me, I think the passengers worked harder to keep the woman from jumping than anyone else.  And please tell me, what is up with the other crew member filming the entire incident and not helping? That should be grounds for termination.

The only thing that I can think of that may have been in that phone that would be that important maybe, would be  the only pictures remaining of a lost loved one, but I personally wouldn’t risk my life for it.

What documents do you think were in the phone?

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